Mindful/Integrative EMDR Therapy

that fosters Healing, Growth, Freedom and Peace

Therapy for Adults

Stress Reduction & Self Care

Anxiety & Depression

Difficulty with Decision Making

Phobias: flying, dental, social

Addiction: Media, Porn, Sex, Religion

Recovery from Child Abuse & Neglect

Migraine Headaches & Disassociation

PTSD & Trauma Resolution

Therapy for Couples

Communication & Misunderstanding

Intimacy & Emotional Disconnect

Infidelity & Sexual Addictions

Abuse & Neglect

Family of Origin Conflicts

Substance Abuse

Finances & Retirement



“But that's the hardest part of healing.' What?' Realizing there's no one to hate.”

― Keith Ablow, Denial


Ron Latsha, MS LPC

Integrative Psychotherapy


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